Inventor of braille – Louis Braille

Listen again to the story of Louis Braille. He was the devout Christian who invented the braille reading system for the blind but was not honoured until after his death. Broadcast on Southern FM on 5Feb17

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Why was Jesus born? (R Buckingham)

Rob Buckingham

Words for Life for 15Jan17 was by Pastor Rob Buckingham of Bayside Church Cheltenham in Melbourne. His talk had a Christmas theme and the title was “Why was Jesus born?”. Talk time was 16 minutes. Broadcast on Southern FM 88.3 on 15Jan17 at 7:30am.

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Almost a saint-Mary Glowrey

Listen to the story of Mary Glowrey. Mary Glowrey was a Catholic Christian who went to India after the first World War and spent her working life caring for the sick there. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 on 8Jan17

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Joy to – Marys boy child – We three kings

Our Songs of Hope carols podcast for 18Dec16 is three songs from jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. Presenter is Chris. The three songs are:

  • Joy to the world
  • Mary’s boy child
  • We three kings

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