Life story: The Billings Method

johnandevelynbillings 200x144 70pcListen to the Songs of Hope podcast for 26Nov17 to hear the story of the inventors of the Billings Ovulation method of birth control. John and Evelyn Billings are Australian doctors who developed the method. It is the only natural method approved by the WHO. The segment is called “Christians who made a difference”. Radio station Southern FM, 88.3

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ImageSongs of Hope on tunein radio

Australian helps Ethiopians – Catherine Hamlin

Catherine Hamlin

Listen to the story of Catherine Hamlin, who has been announced as Senior Australian of the Year for 2018 in New South Wales. She is the Christian Australian doctor who went to Ethiopia and started mid-wifery schools and a hospital to help women before and after childbirth. Broadcast on 19Nov17 on Songs of Hope.

Life story: Charles Grant revolutionised Indian Education

Charles Grant

Listen again to the story of Charles Grant and how he transformed Indian society and education in the 19th century and beyond through his Christian world view. Broadcast on Songs of Hope segment “Christians who have made a difference” on 12Nov17

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Story: Kingston Christians and Matt’s Place

untitledThe churches of Kingston are combining to feed the poor in Kingston in Melbourne each week in a meals program called “Matts Place”. They won an award in 2012. Hear the story broadcast on “Songs of Hope” on 29Oct17 on Southern FM 88.3. Narrator is Chris Whiting.

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Life story: Henry Holden – Australia’s car manufacturing

Holden-1937Henry Holden founded the motor car industry in Australia, making 34,000 motor car bodies in 1925 and employing 2600 workers. All the main car manufacturers in Australia used his car bodies. He died in 1926 and his son Edward Holden took over the reins. Eventually in 1948 Australia produced its first 100% Australian made car. Listen again to the story of Henry Holden below. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on 22Oct17 on Southern FM 88.3. Click the play button for the audio

The car above is a 1937 Oldsmobile, with a Holden-made body

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