This Sunday 22Jan17

richard johnson and raising the flag founding_australiaWith Australia Day next Thursday, Songs of Hope this Sunday 22Jan17 will feature the story of Richard Johnson, the chaplain of the first fleet which reached Australia in 1788. He was a devout Christian who built his own church building with his bare hands and started the first school in Australia, teaching the children in that building. His story goes to air at 8:45am

Another feature for this Sunday is a recent new year talk by Rev Kevin Pedersen of Ormond Anglican Church. His talk title is “We can call God our Father”. This talk goes to air at 7:30am

Songs of Hope goes from 7am to 9am on Sundays on Southern FM 88.3


Almost a saint-Mary Glowrey

Listen to the story of Mary Glowrey. Mary Glowrey was a Catholic Christian who went to India after the first World War and spent her working life caring for the sick there. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 on 8Jan17

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