Whats on Songs of Hope

20Jan19 Celebration of Australia Day 26th January
20Jan19 7:30am Talk by Rev Kevin Pedersen “Last words”
20Jan19 8:00am Songs of Hope Sunday Worship
20Jan19 8:30am Christian News Bulletin (Vic Campbell)
20Jan19 8:45am Life story of Richard Johnson, first fleet chaplain.

Last Sunday
13Jan19 7:30am Words for Life by Rev David Sterrey of Beaumaris Baptist “New Blessings
13Jan19 8:00am Songs of Hope Sunday Worship
13Jan19 8:30am Christian News Bulletin
13Jan19 8:45am Story of Ashley Barker

Songs of Hope Part 1 this week

Listen again to the first hour of Songs of Hope, 7am to 8am, including “Our Daily Bread” and our weekly “Words for Life” Christian sermon from the southern suburbs of Melbourne.

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