Life story: Henry Holden – Australia’s car manufacturing

Holden-1937Henry Holden founded the motor car industry in Australia, making 34,000 motor car bodies in 1925 and employing 2600 workers. All the main car manufacturers in Australia used his car bodies. He died in 1926 and his son Edward Holden took over the reins. Eventually in 1948 Australia produced its first 100% Australian made car. Listen again to the story of Henry Holden below. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on 22Oct17 on Southern FM 88.3. Click the play button for the audio

The car above is a 1937 Oldsmobile, with a Holden-made body

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Life story: Founder of a charity – Gerard Tucker

gerard-tucker_thumb.jpgOur “Christian who has made a difference” this week was an Aussie who failed in three jobs. He also failed some academic exams due to nervousness. But he went on to help the poor in Melbourne during the Great Depression, and to found the successful social welfare agency the “Brotherhood of St Lawrence”. He is Gerard Tucker. Listen again to his story, broadcast on “Songs of Hope” at 8:45am on 15Oct17.

Almost a saint (Mary Glowrey)

Listen to the story of Mary Glowrey. Mary Glowrey was a Catholic Christian who went to India after the first World War and spent her working life caring for the sick there. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 on 8Jan17

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