Bill Ferguson stood up for aboriginal rights

Bill Ferguson was like a Martin Luther-King for Austalian aboriginals. He stood up for aboriginal rights when they did not even have citizenship in Australia, when part-aboriginal children were taken from their parents by the Australian government. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on 9Sep18

Graeme Clark invented the bionic ear

Listen to the story of Australian doctor, Graeme Clark. He invented the bionic ear (Cochlear Ear) which gives profoundly deaf people hearing and speech. Broadcast on Southern FM “Songs of Hope” on 8Jul18 (3 mins). Segment “Christians who have made a difference”.

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John McDouall Stuart – explorer

John McDouall Stuart 599x599Songs of Hope’s “Christian who made a difference” was John McDouall Stuart, the great Australian explorer. He forged a path to the centre of Australia and from Adelaide north across the continent to what is now Darwin. He did this at great personal cost to his health. His path has become a national highway, the Stuart Highway. He was also a practising Christian man