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Gods generosity (B Peatman)

Listen again to Songs of Hope “Words for Life” segment from yesterday Sunday 2oct22. The speaker is Rev Brett Peatman of Aspendale Presbyterian Church here in Melbourne. His talk title is “The mission of God’s generosity”. The Bible reference is Titus 2:1,11-14. Talk time is 22 minutes. Press play to listen or right click download to download.

Living with loss (Rev D Sterrey)

David Sterrey spoke to us yesterday Sunday 25sep22 on Songs of Hope. His talk title was “Living with loss”. David is the Christian minister at Beaumaris-Mordialloc Baptist Church. Listen again below. Talk time is 18 minutes. For more talks by David Sterrey

Work How (Rob Buckingham)

Pastor Rob Buckingham spoke to us yesterday morning Sunday 18sep22 on Songs of Hope. His talk title was “Work How”. He was explaining the Christian attitude to work.  Talk time is 23 minutes. Rob is pastor of Bayside Church ( in Cheltenham, Melbourne. For other broadcast talks by Rob Buckingham, go to