Prayer: Isaiah foretells prince of peace

praying hand 3Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah foretold the coming of a baby who would be called “wonderful advisor, mighty God, prince of peace.” Broadcast on 10Dec17 – Isaiah 9:2-7

Isaiah 9:2-7

Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

War Is Over

2 Those who walked in the dark
have seen a bright light.
And it shines upon everyone
who lives in the land
of darkest shadows.
3 Our Lord, you have made
your nation stronger.
Because of you, its people
are glad and celebrate
like workers at harvest time
or like soldiers dividing up
what they have taken.

4 You have broken the power
of those who abused
and enslaved your people.
You have rescued them
just as you saved your people
from Midian.
5 The boots of marching warriors
and the blood-stained uniforms
have been fed to flames
and eaten by fire.

A Child Has Been Born

6 A child has been born for us.
We have been given a son
who will be our ruler.
His names will be
Wonderful Advisor
and Mighty God,
Eternal Father
and Prince of Peace.
7 His power will never end;
peace will last forever.
He will rule David’s kingdom
and make it grow strong.
He will always rule
with honesty and justice.
The Lord All-Powerful
will make certain
that all of this is done.

Prayer: Shout praises to God (Psalm 66)

praying hand 2The Sunday 29Oct17 Songs of Hope prayer is a prayer entitled “Shout praises to God”. It is Psalm 66 verses 1 to 9. This was broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3.

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Prayer: Celebrating the harvest (Psalm 126)

The Songs of Hope prayer is “Celebrating the harvest”, Psalm 126. Broadcast 22Oct17 on Songs of Hope.

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126 It seemed like a dream
when the Lord brought us back
to the city of Zion.
2 We celebrated with laughter
and joyful songs.
In foreign nations it was said,
“The Lord has worked miracles
for his people.”
3 And so we celebrated
because the Lord had indeed
worked miracles for us.

4 Our Lord, we ask you to bless
our people again,
and let us be like streams
in the Southern Desert.
5 We cried as we went out
to plant our seeds.
Now let us celebrate
as we bring in the crops.
6 We cried on the way
to plant our seeds,
but we will celebrate and shout
as we bring in the crops.

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