Words for Life list

These are archived Christian talks that have been broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3. They are by local Christian ministers in the southern suburbs of Melbourne and are usually less than 25 minutes in length.

  1. Why we need the end (Rev Brett Peatman)
  2. Through the looking glass (Ps Rob Buckingham)
  3. The Lords Prayer (Pastor J Miller)
  4. The Spirit of Truth (Rev K Pedersen)
  5. Loving mercy (Rev D Sterrey)
  6. The True Vine (Rev Brett Peatman)
  7. The Good God and Suffering (Ps Rob Buckingham)
  8. Giving and prayer (Pastor J Miller)
  9. The Comforter (Rev K Pedersen)
  10. The art of plodding (Rev D Sterrey)
  11. The place of Holy Habits (Rev D Sterrey)
  12. Hope (2) (Rev Brett Peatman)
  13. Murder and Adultery (Pastor J Miller)
  14. Lean on me (Ps Rob Buckingham)
  15. Hope (Rev Brett Peatman)
  16. Shadow of Fear and Uncertainty (Rev D Sterrey)
  17. Salt and Light (Pastor J Miller)
  18. The Spirit of Christ (Rev K Pedersen)
  19. The Gospel is not Religion (Rev S Tan)
  20. The Holy Spirit (Rev K Pedersen)
  21. What does God want from us? (Rev Brett Peatman)
  22. Everywhere (Ps Rob Buckingham)
  23. We care for all people (Rev D Sterrey)
  24. Putting God first (Pastor J Miller)
  25. God will keep his promise (Rev K Pedersen)
  26. Give to Caesar (Rev Brett Peatman)
  27. Joyful like Jesus (Ps Rob Buckingham)
  28. Permission to lament (Rev D Sterrey)
  29. A talk about Easter (Pastor J Miller)
  30. Is God loving? (Rev S Crane)