Words for Life list

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These are the Christian talks that have been broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 in recent months. They are from local Christian ministers in the southern suburbs of Melbourne and are less than 25 minutes in length.

  1. Is reason all I need? (B Peatman)
  2. Clash of kingdoms (K Pedersen)
  3. Life and light (M Durie)
  4. Nobody likes to die (R Buckingham)
  5. Hearing the voice of God (D Sterrey)
  6. Look to the horizon (B Peatman)
  7. Our time is short (K Pedersen)
  8. Elisha’s final message (M Durie)
  9. The gift that keeps on giving (R Buckingham)
  10. Life and light (B Peatman)
  11. New year, new heavens and earth (D Sterrey)
  12. Christmas (M Durie)
  13. Who can you really rely on? (D Sterrey)
  14. Healed Cleansed… (R Buckingham)
  15. Jesus power (K Pedersen)
  16. The prophets of Baal (M Durie)
  17. Freedom from slavery (B Peatman)
  18. Martin Luther (B Harper)
  19. Honouring God in family life (D Sterrey)
  20. Lets talk (R Buckingham)
  21. Spirit alive (M Durie)
  22. Jesus’ authority (K Pedersen)
  23. Freedom for fellowship (B Peatman)
  24. Gods hand (B Harper)
  25. A matter of honour (D Sterrey)
  26. Choose life (M Durie)
  27. Market place ministry (R Buckingham)
  28. God interrupts (B Peatman)
  29. Honouring God in our leisure (D Sterrey)
  30. The more you know God (K Pedersen)