Words for Life list

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These are the Christian talks that have been broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 in recent months. They are from local Christian ministers in the southern suburbs of Melbourne and are less than 25 minutes in length.

  1. Core Christian beliefs (Ps Jonathon Miller) (8/12/2019)
  2. Peace with God and others (Rev K Pedersen) (2/12/2019)
  3. Disaster and loyalty (Rev M Durie) (24/11/2019)
  4. God is faithful (Ps Rob Buckingham) (17/11/2019)
  5. God our Father (Rev B Peatman) (10/11/2019)
  6. Sharing in the life of the church (Rev David Sterrey) (3/11/2019)
  7. Dealing with the dark side (Ps Jonathon Miller) (27/10/2019)
  8. Salvation from a World in Chaos (Rev K Pedersen) (20/10/2019)
  9. The Millenium (Rev Mark Durie) (13/10/2019)
  10. Planks and sawdust (Ps Rob Buckingham) (6/10/2019)
  11. Alive forever (Rev B Peatman) (29/9/2019)
  12. Living by the Spirit (Rev D Sterrey) (22/9/2019)
  13. Conflict resolution (Ps J Miller) (15/9/2019)
  14. Building a house and family (Rev K Pedersen) (8/9/2019)
  15. The trumpets sound (Rev M Durie) (1/9/2019)
  16. How to handle conflict (R Buckingham) (25/8/2019)
  17. How to be great (Rev Brett Peatman) (18/8/2019)
  18. From condemnation to freedom (Rev D Sterrey) (11/8/2019)
  19. How to hear from God (Ps J Miller) (4/8/2019)
  20. Lives transformed by the power of God (K Pedersen) (21/7/2019)
  21. Look a throne (Rev M Durie) (14/7/2019)
  22. Jesus self care (Ps Rob Buckingham) (30/6/2019)
  23. Why Jesus loves impossibly (Rev B Peatman) (23/6/2019)
  24. The greatest chapter (Rev D Sterrey) (16/6/2019)
  25. Tap the source (Ps J Miller) (10/6/2019)
  26. The Cosmic Christ (Rev M Durie) (3/6/2019)
  27. The time is near (Rev M Durie) (27/5/2019)
  28. The promise, purpose and power of Easter (Rev M Durie) (21/4/2019)
  29. Good Friday message (Rev K Pedersen) (19/4/2019)
  30. Standing firm (Rev M Durie) (14/4/2019)