Songs of Hope is now on Stitcher

stitcher 180x91 70pcUse your Android phone to access “Songs of Hope” podcasts. Use your phone to download the Stitcher app from your app store. Then search for “Songs of Hope” and our microphone symbol. Then add our stream to your Stitcher “Favorites Playlist”. Hear our episodes then on your Android phone.

Alternatively, on your PC use your browser to go our Stitcher site Then follow us using twitter or facebook. Each time we podcast a new audio, you will receive a twitter email or a facebook notification.

Songs of Hope on itunes

apple-log-100-123Songs of Hope podcasts are now on itunes, with different streams for hymns, stories et cetera. Podcasts are audio recordings of segments from our weekly Christian radio program “Songs of Hope”. All are completely free to subscribe to and listen to.

Load and install the “Podcast” application. Open it. Search for “songs of hope”. Find our podcasts and subscribe to the ones you want. Close. Later, open app, go to “My Podcasts” (bottom left) and see the podcasts you have saved. Open the one you want.

On a PC click the links below to see the audio podcasts on itunes preview. You listen by hovering over the track number and clicking the play button that appears. You can then also click the “View in itunes” button to launch the PC itunes app to see the feed. In the app click “subscribe” to subscribe to that particular feed.

Alternatively on a PC, launch the PC itunes application, go to store, podcasts, and search for “songs of hope”. You will then see our various podcasts which you can subscribe to and so have in your library. You then later go to library, podasts to view and listen to our Songs of Hope podcasts.

Songs of Hope & BeyondPod

radio_mike_thumb.jpgSongs of Hope can now be accessed using the “BeyondPod” application in your smart phone (Android or Windows).  With this app you have  the choice to listen by streaming or you can download a recording for listening off-line at any time. There is a free version available. Instructions:

  1. Using your phone, find BeyondPod in your mobile app store. Install the app. Launch the app.
  2. In the BeyondPod search field type and press search. (Under advanced options you can enter a user-friendly name like “Songs of Hope”.)
  3. Save when prompted

You now have BeyondPod working and Songs of Hope posts available. You can see the available podcasts. You can listen live, or download the ones you want and listen later off-line if you so desire. This is a fantastic option.