Songs of Hope & BeyondPod

radio_mike_thumb.jpgSongs of Hope can now be accessed using the “BeyondPod” application in your smart phone (Android or Windows).  With this app you have  the choice to listen by streaming or you can download a recording for listening off-line at any time. There is a free version available. Instructions:

  1. Using your phone, find BeyondPod in your mobile app store. Install the app. Launch the app.
  2. In the BeyondPod search field type and press search. (Under advanced options you can enter a user-friendly name like “Songs of Hope”.)
  3. Save when prompted

You now have BeyondPod working and Songs of Hope posts available. You can see the available podcasts. You can listen live, or download the ones you want and listen later off-line if you so desire. This is a fantastic option.