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tunein_thumb.jpgSongs of Hope is now on tunein internet radio. Now you can access Songs of Hope via tunein and your android phone, your iphone, your PC, your tablet, your PS3, or your Telstra tbox.

PC Use your browser. In the address bar type in Then type “songs of hope” in the search box. Alternatively, click on this link or for our hymns click—Hymns-p667563 You can click “follow” or save this link in your browser favourites for quick access to Songs of Hope on tunein.

candle_200x200_thumb.jpgSmart Phone To use your smart phone (Android, iphone, Windows), firstly go to the Play store and find and install the tunein app. Launch the tuenin app. Then type “songs of hope” in its search box. Our Songs of Hope feed has a candle image. Follow our feed by clicking the appropriate button.

PS3 Go to Music and scoll up to the tunein application. Launch it. Search for “Songs of Hope”. When you find it, save it as a favorite. Choose the audio item to listen to. Return later and find Songs of Hope on the heart favorite menu at the left.

Telstra tbox On the tbox screen menu, go to Applications. Then select tunein. Then either search for “Songs of Hope” or go to podcasts, then category religious, and scroll down the list to find Songs of Hope.

Android Phones

Black Felt Hat and mobile by Garry Knight on Flickr 960x300 75pcTo access Songs of Hope podcasts using your Android phone, a good app to use is “Podcast Addict”. There is a free version.

With Podcast Addict installed, you can listen to live streaming or you can download a podcast and listen to it off-line. You can use your home wi-fi to download an episode or you can use your mobile data plan.

podcast addict picJust download the app from the App store, and install it. Then click the + button and do a search for “songs of hope”. We have a number of podcasts so just choose the one you want, or indeed all of them, and click each one to subscribe or follow each stream. We have separate streams for hymns, stories, words for life, songs, one hour recordings, prayers, and all posts. Then go back and look at one of the streams you have just chosen.

Here are audio instructions:

Our hymns on tunein radio

tuneinSongs of Hope hymns are now on tunein radio. Click this link to see the site in your browser—Hymns-p667563/

Or open tunein in your smart phone, and do a search for “Songs of Hope hymns”.

You can play hours of great Christian hymns to worship God.

You can access these hymns from a PC, a tablet, an android phone, an iphone, a PS3, a PS4 or a Telstra tbox.

Songs of Hope is now on Stitcher

stitcher 180x91 70pcUse your Android phone to access “Songs of Hope” podcasts. Use your phone to download the Stitcher app from your app store. Then search for “Songs of Hope” and our microphone symbol. Then add our stream to your Stitcher “Favorites Playlist”. Hear our episodes then on your Android phone.

Alternatively, on your PC use your browser to go our Stitcher site Then follow us using twitter or facebook. Each time we podcast a new audio, you will receive a twitter email or a facebook notification.