Dietrich Bonhoeffer – life story

dietrich-bonhoeffer-2Today, Sunday 16th March on Songs of Hope, at 8:45 am we heard the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a German pastor and theologian who resisted the Nazis in the 1930s. It cost him his life by execution. This segment was prepared and presented by local pastor Chris Whiting. Segment play time is 6 minutes.

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Darlene Zschech – Hillsong

Darlene_ZschechHere she is, Darlene Zschech from Hillsong. Their recordings have sold millions. In this podcast Vic Campbell tells us about Darlene. Broadcast on Southern FM’s “Songs of Hope” on 9 March 2014.

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Linda Shum helps disabled China kids

Linda ShumListen again to the story of Linda Shum, a Queensland mother who helps disabled children in China. Broadcast in “Christians who made a difference” during “Songs of Hope” on 11Sep16 and 2Mar14. Broadcast on Southern FM 88.3

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