2020 02 23 Christian News Bulletin

President Bolsonaro of Brazil was met with thunderous applause when he declared that he is a believer in Jesus and that Brazil belongs to God. In the months leading up to the 2020 Summer Olympics, Japanese churches are hosting community festivals that feature family games, activities, food and Gospel presentations. World Help announced that it’s partnering with pastors on the ground to distribute emergency relief in the provinces surrounding Wuhan in China.

2020 02 16 Christian News Bulletin

The UK’s Chelsea Flower Show will be home to a Christian garden for the first time this year. A New Testament created in a new language has been created for the deaf and deaf-blind communities. A Christian ministry in Sydney is reaching out to older people to help them age well.

2020 02 09 Christian News Bulletin

In Sydney, churches are urged to pray about the Corona virus. Parents often choose their church based on the children’s programming available in potential churches. And UK Wolverhampton MP Stuart Anderson has revealed how going to church and finding faith after battling mental health issues helped him “see light out of the darkness.”