This Sunday – The rise of Christianity

rodney-starkTune in this Sunday 1 December to “Songs of Hope” on Southern FM, 7am to 9am, for two hours of great Christian praise and worship music. Included features are:

7:10am Our Daily Bread – Christian devotions – 1.5 mins

7:30am Rodney Stark, historian and sociologist. Looking at how Christianity benefits everyone. 19 mins

8:30am Spotlight – Aussie Christian music legend special – Steve Grace – 5 mins

8:45am Life story – Jimmy Little  – 5 mins

Songs of Hope website:

When did 9 to 5 work become 24/7?

Laborer by David Goehring on flickr 150x100 70perBe listening to 88.3 tomorrow  9/11/14 at 7:30am, as Rev Glen Macrae talks on the subject of work and the Christian attitude to work. The talk is entitled “Work and home: when did 9 to 5 become 24/7?”. This continues the series of talks on work by Ormond Anglican Church. The program is Songs of Hope and the segment is “Words for Life”. Talk duration is 20 minutes.

Talk: God looks at the heart

Yesterday, Sunday 3 November 2013, on Songs of Hope at 7:30am, we had a 21 minute talk entitled “God looks at the heart”. Here is the podcast of that talk. There is an introductory Bible reading of 1 Samuel 16 verses 1 to 13. The segment is called “Words for Life”

Click the play button for the audio or download. Play time is 21 minutes.

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