Yesterday, Sunday 3 November 2013, on Songs of Hope at 7:30am, we had a 21 minute talk entitled “God looks at the heart”. Here is the podcast of that talk. There is an introductory Bible reading of 1 Samuel 16 verses 1 to 13. The segment is called “Words for Life”

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Today, Sunday 27 October, at 7:30am on Songs of Hope, an interview with social researcher Hugh Mackay about his latest book “The Good Life” was broadcast. In this 8 minute interview Hugh revealed his researched results on how to have a satisfying and happy life. The interviewer was Simon Smart from the Centre for Public Christianity. The 7:30 segment is called “Words for Life”.

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Hear Indian scholar Vishal Mangalwadi interviewed by Leigh Hatcher. Vishal has written a book entitled “The book that made your world”. In this interview Vishal discusses how the Bible is the foundation for Western values and also for our key Australian values, our nationhood and our parliamentary democracy. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on 6 October at 7:30am.

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Chris-Whiting2Songs of Hope “Words for Life” for 14 July were brought to us by Pastor Chris Whiting of Open Door Christian Church in Cheltenham, Australia. His talk is based on John 8:12 to 20 and is entitled “You are the light of the world”. Duration is 25 minutes.

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