Why we need the end (Rev Brett Peatman)

Our Words for Life sermon on Songs of Hope today, Sunday 24Oct21,  was by Rev Brett Peatman of Aspendale Presbyterian Church. His talk title was “Why we need the end”. His Bible reference is Daniel chapter 8. Talk time is 22 minutes. For more radio talks by Brett, go here https://wp.me/P2Adlq-5rJ

The Lords Prayer (Pastor J Miller)

Our speaker on Songs of Hope this morning was pastor Jonathon Miller of Eastleigh Community Church in Melbourne. We continue his series on Jesus sermon on the mount, and his talk title was “The Lords Prayer”. Broadcast date 10Oct21. Talk time is 23 minutes. For other Songs of Hope radio talks of Jonathon Miller, click http://bit.ly/3nVXryW

The Spirit of Truth (Rev K Pedersen)

“Words for Life” this morning was presented by Rev Kevin Pedersen of Ormond Anglican Church in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. His talk title was “The Spirit of Truth”.  Date 3Oct21. This is a talk in the series of seven sermons by Kevin on the Holy Spirit. Click https://wp.me/P2Adlq-55Z for other broadcast sermons by Rev Kevin Pedersen.