Jesus – the worlds true hero

Listen again to Rev Glen Macrae’s talk on the topic “Jesus-the worlds true hero”. Glen’s church is Ormond Anglican here in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. This was broadcast on Songs of Hope on 12Mar17. Talk time is 16 minutes.

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The God who seeks and finds (G Macrae)

Rev Glen Macrae

Rev Glen Macrae

Words for Life broadcast on 16Oct16 was by Rev Glen Macrae of Ormond Anglican Church in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. His talk title is “The God who seeks and finds”. The Bible reference is Luke 15:1-10. Talk time is 22 minutes.

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Spiritual gifts (G Cann)

Words for Life for 26Jun16 was by Graeme Cann and he spoke about Christian spiritual gifts. Here is a podcast of his talk. This is a sermon Graeme gave recently at local church Eastleigh Community Church in East Bentleigh. Talk time is 24 minutes

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Working to empower indigenous Christians

nungalinya college graduatesOur Christian talk for this week was by Jude Long. Jude is principal of Nungalinya College in Darwin. Nungalinya College is an Adult Education College for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It is provided by the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches. Her talk is about working to empower aboriginal Christians. Nungalinya College facebook page can be found here. The photo above is of recent Nungalinya College certificate graduates.

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Hope From Above/B Searle

C-GDEE-Cesna-by-Michael-Gil-on-flickr-200x150_thumb.jpgListen again to Words for Life from 27 Sep. Its  Bruce Searle. Bruce is the former CEO of Australian Centre for Mission Aviation and is associated with a new mission organisation “Hope From Above”. Hope From Above is trying to get isolated people to know Jesus.

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Woman caught in adultery/R Fairbairn

woman-at-feet-JesusAnd here is the podcast of Words for Life broadcast on 13 September 2015 on Southern FM 88.3. The speaker is Rev Rowan Fairbairn of Oaktree Anglican church in Caulfield, Melbourne. He talks about the woman caught in adultery as recorded in the gospel of John. Talk time is 25 minutes

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