Life stories list

101 Faces4-960x300Below are the stories of many Christians who through their Christian values and talents have made a positive difference for the world. Many of them are Australians and have impacted Australia’s society and development and values. There are opportunities for teachers within the Australian education curriculum, both primary and secondary, to incorporate these stories into our Australian schools curriculum.

Some of these Christians are scientists, and some have made social improvements for their societies. Some are Australians and some from other countries. Some have improved education opportunities for many. Some have been politically active and changed nations futures. Some have been artists, and some have been industrialists. There are men and women. All have made a difference. Use this material in school projects. All stories have an audio as they were broadcast on Songs of Hope radio program in Melbourne. Some of the stories also have an accompanying video.

Here are some possible assignment questions:

  1. Name three Christians who influenced science. How did their faith impact their work?
  2. Who was the first Methodist Christian minister in Australia? Did he set up any new churches? How did he get on with the authorities?
  3. Which Australian church sent missionaries to Korea?
  4. Who officiated at the Federation Day ceremony in Australia? Was this ceremony a Christian ceremony? Why do you say that?
  5. Does our queen have a religious responsibility? Why do you say that?
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