Poem “You”

Our Songs of Hope spotlight last Sunday 15 September was a poem by Ellen Carr. The title of the poem is “You” and is a poem in praise of God. Here it is as a podcast. Click the button to play the audio or download.

Here are the words for the poem You:

From the start of all time you laid out your plan,
your designs for the world, and for woman and man.
The earth was set out to circle the sun.
As you tilted its axis the seasons could run.

You measured out time into day, into night.
You portioned the darkness and rationed the light.
You ordered each sunrise and each close of day.
You made us for work and for rest and for play.

You programmed our bodies to grow and mature.
Your intricate blueprints are perfect and sure.
From the womb to the casket you measure our days,
you order our timing, you note all our ways.

The animal kingdom you planned to a tee.
Their instincts and habits were all meant to be.
The birds that migrate at the same time each year,
their nesting and breeding, the timing is clear.

The universe shows in its clockwork precision
the power of your word, your creative decision.
You’re the master of time, of free-will and of grace.
In eternity’s time-line we’ll meet face to face.

When time is eternal, when darkness is done,
in the light of your presence, forever has begun.
When the sun isn’t needed, the moon needn’t shine
all things are made new and eternity’s mine.

© Ellen Carr 2012

Songs of Hope website: http://songsofhope883.com