Palm Sunday poem “Those kids”

To mark Palm Sunday, 25Mar18, we broadcast  on Songs of Hope a poem by Ellen Carr called “Those kids”. On palm Sunday, the Sunday before Good Friday, the children in Jerusalem were praising Jesus but the priests did not like it. The poem is from Ellen Carr’s book “Shoes Off, Feet Up: Poems of everyday life and faith”.

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This poem is based on a passage from Matthew chapter 21, verses 15 to 16

15 But the chief priests and the teachers of the Law of Moses were angry when they saw his miracles and heard the children shouting praises to the Son of David. 16 The men said to Jesus, “Don’t you hear what those children are saying?”

“Yes, I do!” Jesus answered. “Don’t you know that the Scriptures say, ‘Children and infants will sing praises’?”

Poem “Your Mother”

Here is a new poem for Mothers Day. Its titled “Your Mother” and is written and recorded by Ellen Carr. This Sunday is Mothers Day in Australia.

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