The Comforter (Rev K Pedersen)

“Words for Life” this morning was presented by Rev Kevin Pedersen of Ormond Anglican Church in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. His talk title was “The Comforter”.  Date 29Aug21. This is a talk in the series of seven sermons by Kevin on the Holy Spirit. Click for other broadcast sermons by Rev Kevin Pedersen.

2 thoughts on “The Comforter (Rev K Pedersen)

  1.   Thanks for today’s programme, Rod. Glad you’re still keeping the 70s alive with Scripture In Song items. I was looking at Rev Ian Morrison’s service online from St Andrews in Brighton and the service finished with a rendition of The Blessing performed by young singers and string players from Victorian Grammar schools. My brother tells me it’s also available on Vimeo. Great local talent.Blessings.Steve Gray 


    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for the positive feedback. I like the simplicity of Scripture in Song praises. I will check out the St Andrews connection. Its great to hear local Christian talent and worship!. Rod


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