6Sep20 Christian News Bulletin

As many as one in five American churches could permanently close as a result of shutdowns stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, according to David Kinnaman, president of the prominent Christian research organization Barna Group. In a public radio interview regarding the status of American churches after months of shutdowns, Kinnaman said although churches were handling things “pretty swimmingly” at first, circumstances have changed for some.  He noted that although many churches have opened as US states’ shutdown orders are loosened, their services have had “a lot less people coming.” “They’re recognizing that the relationships that they thought were much deeper with people were actually not as deep as they expected.”

Bangldesh Jaflong by Miguel Navaza on flickrChristians across Bangladesh are playing a huge part in the country’s response to COVID-19. There are 280 Christian doctors and about 4,000 Christian nurses currently working in Bangladesh, according to Premier News. Churches in Bangladesh currently operate 20 hospitals and run about 70 community clinics in rural areas.

chadwick_bosemanNews services around the world report that tributes have poured in for Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, following his death at the age of 43. The actor’s family announced he had died surrounded by his loved ones following a four-year battle with colon cancer. Along with tributes, people have been remembering Boseman for his inspiring message to Howard University’s graduating class of 2018. He began that 34-minute message by “first, giving honour to the Creator”. In the middle of the speech he shared the story of his rocky road to success and how he had to have faith in God during the difficult time.