20Jan19 Christian News Bulletin

The Christian Post reports that British church leaders want to see more hope and less ‘mudslinging’ as Britain continues its messy withdrawal from the European Union. The Bishop of Leeds has made a call for the “mudslinging” over Brexit to end. The Rt Rev Nick Baines said that Christians in particular had to offer a message of hope at a time when divisions, insecurity and fear over Brexit are creating “dangerous circumstances.” He also said that” Christians are not driven by fear; we are drawn by hope. A hope that comes to us from the future – resurrection. It is a hope that should not be confused with fantasy.”

A piece of art depicting Ronald McDonald nailed to a cross — imitating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ — has sparked violent protests in Israel, with hundreds calling for the sculpture’s removal. Last week, hundreds of Arab Christians gathered to protest the sculpture, titled “McJesus,” displayed at the Haifa Museum of Art in the northern city of Haifa, The Independent reports. The depiction of a crucified Ronald McDonald was sculpted by Finnish artist Janei Leinonen and is part of the museum’s “Sacred Goods” exhibit. The Museum told reporters the artist behind “McJesus” is a Christian who created the piece to highlight the fact that “we are slaves and have a new God instead of the old God.”

Writing in Relevant Magazine, Shane Pruitt comments that “the more you serve, love and pour your life into others, the more joy, hope and peace you tend to have. The church isn’t an organization created to fulfill your preferences, the church is a people created to know the Lord and serve others. It truly maximizes the effectiveness and legacy of your life. As the church, we should always strive to be better with our witness and be more effective at reaching our neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”