30Sep18 Christian News Bulletin

The caretaker of a massive hillside Bible sign in Mexico hopes to break four Guinness World Records while also spreading a positive message about God’s Word. Gabriel Andavazo, a pastor in Ciudad Juárez, is caretaker of a huge hillside sign that can be seen miles away and that says in Spanish: “The Bible is the Truth.” Made of stone, it recently was re-painted with the help of around 2,000 people, according to Evangelical Focus.

Various media outlets report that Bill Hayden, a former Governor-General of Australia and lifelong atheist, has found God and been baptized in a Roman Catholic Church at 85 years of age. According to The Australian newspaper, Hayden said “it was witnessing so many selfless acts of compassion by Christians over his lifetime, and deep contemplation while recovering from a stroke, that prompted his decision.” Australia’s The Catholic Leader reported that Hayden, who during his political career identified as a humanist, was baptized on September 9 at St. Mary’s Church in Ipswich, Queensland.

Eternity News reports that Hillsong Church has become an official denomination, withdrawing from the Australian Christian Churches (ACC). In a letter addressed to the ACC network, Hillsong Senior Pastor Brian Houston announced the “global nature” of Hillsong Church had prompted the decision. Hillsong now has the ability to credential its own pastors.