9Sep18 Christian News Bulletin

New Life reports that a book charting the history of the interaction of Australians with the Bible has won this year’s Australian Christian Book of the Year award. Written by historian Meredith Lake, The Bible In Australia: A Cultural History, was described by the judges as ‘a history of national importance and a unique insight into Australian culture.’

Rebuilding of New Zealand’s earthquake‐damaged Christchurch Cathedral will commence soon. The cathedral has sat desolate since the 2011 earthquakes, as the Anglican Church and heritage groups battled over its future, but last year the Church agreed to restore it. The cost of the project and a timeframe to complete it is still to be determined.

OneNewsNow reports that thousands of young people in a country that has suffered under a communist dictatorship for almost 60 years are getting their very first look at a Bible. Evangelist Tim Todd has spent nine days in Cuba handing out 50,000 Truth For Youth Bibles. Mr Todd stated that the young people held their Bible like it was a piece of gold, close to their chests. ‘Their response is overwhelming,’ he says.

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