5Aug18 Christian News Bulletin

An increase in police raids on churches in China has caused Christian leaders to be more cautious about whom they let in their buildings. A reporter for Premier.org states that authorities have closed churches in commercial venues and an increasing amount of landlords have refused to continue rental contracts.

Eternity News reports that evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, will tour Australia in February next year. The tour marks the 60th anniversary of Billy Graham’s 1959 tour that had a major impact on Australia. Next year Franklin Graham will cross the country, preaching in Perth, Darwin and Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

According to Christian Today, a US Catholic bishop has said farewell to Twitter on the grounds that it’s damaging his spiritual health. Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island deleted his account recently with a last tweet saying: ‘Sadly, Twitter has become a major distraction for me, on good days and bad, an obstacle to my spiritual life, an occasion of sin for me and others. So, goodbye. If I’ve offended anyone, I’m truly sorry. If I’ve helped anyone along the way, thank God.’

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