Alive/Lighthouse/Arise/All things

allsonsdaughters 960x300The 8/11/2015 songs podcast is presented by Chris Whiting and Cathryn Turnbull. Cathryn selects the songs. Cathryn is an Australian Christian working in Myanmar. Songs include:

  • All Sons and Daughters – “Alive”
  • Rend Collective – “My Lighthouse”
  • Shane and Shane – “Arise”
  • Jason Upton – “All things are possible”

The photo at the right are the singers in the All Sons and Daughters group, Leslie Anne Jordan and David Alan Leonard.

Click the play button for the audio. Play time is 14 minutes. Right click download to download

Image(2)Songs of Hope on tunein radio

1 thought on “Alive/Lighthouse/Arise/All things

  1. Wow! Dear friend Cat was on radio! I love her taste of music and she encourages me a lot by her unique way of singing and laughing. God bless you, Cathryn!!


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