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Heavens door-Our finest hour

freeway-baptistOur Songs of Hope songs podcast this Sunday 26Feb17 is from Freeway Baptist Church in Melbourne. The podcast incudes two songs from their album “Revere”. The two songs are “Heavens door” and “Our finest hour”. Playtime is 9 minutes.

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And can it-Praise my soul-Point of grace

hymns-podcast_thumb.jpgThe Songs of Hope hymns podcast for 6Nov16 includes the following hymns:

  • Our Favourite Hymns – And can it be
  • Our Favourite Hymns – Praise my soul
  • Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Songsters – The Point of Grace

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Edge Church Adelaide

edge-church-southside-christian-church-adelaideListen again to our Songs of Hope Christian songs podcast for 2Oct16. The songs are from Edge Church in Adelaide, formerly called Southside Christian Church. The songs include:

  • Building God a house
  • Come now is the time to worship
  • He holds my hand

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