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Songs of Hope serves Christians in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. On this site you will find life story, prayer, hymn, sermon and song podcasts from a Christian radio program “Songs of Hope”. This program is broadcast each Sunday on radio station Southern FM 88.3 in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Linger, listen, like. These recordings will encourage Christians and can assist with the Christian spiritual life. This material can be used for your own prayers and worship of God. It can also be used for school projects.

This video tells you about “Songs of Hope”. It goes for 42 seconds:

Here are our main contributors to our “Words for Life” talks. They are Christian ministers from our local area  in southern Melbourne.


Here are some of our Songs of Hope team: Hugh Elphinstone (prayers), Chris Whiting (DJ), Vic Campbell (Christian News Bulletin), Rodney Carr (DJ), Bruce Sandilands (DJ) and Doug Brown (panel).

The “life stories” are Christians who have made a difference. This material will help school students with their project work. In this category the lives of individual Christians who have made a positive difference to their communities and the world are recounted.

The “1 hr music” podcasts are one hour recordings of music from the “Songs of Hope” radio broadcast. They include hymns, and contemporary Christian praise and worship music.

The “Words for Life” recordings are sermons from churches in our local area, or interviews, or talks from Christian speakers. Duration varies from 5 minutes to 25 minutes and is usually shown.

“Songs of Hope” radio program is brought to you by the churches of the Kingston, Bayside and Glen Eira suburbs in Melbourne. Doug, Bruce and Chris do the 7am to 8am time slot. Presenter Rodney Carr goes to air 8am to 9am each Sunday Melbourne time (6pm to 7pm Saturday New York time, 10pm to 11pm Saturday London time). The FM radio station can be heard live via the widget in the right sidebar of the Southern FM website.

We also have a Songs of Hope vlog. Some of our audio posts have been converted to videos and put on YouTube as a vlog. Songs of Hope vlog links:

  1. Christian News Bulletin http://bit.ly/1nFLUDW
  2. Prayers http://bit.ly/208aFF0
  3. Christians who made a difference http://bit.ly/1SF0abA\

For prayer requests, pastoral assistance or if you would like to be baptised, you can ring the Songs of Hope phone line on Australia 03 9584 2882 or send an email to songsofhope@southernfm.com.au

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