Metal Missionary – The Steve Rowe Story

Metal-MissionaryIts out now! Two weeks ago Rod interviewed Vic Campbell about his latest project “Metal Missionary”. Its out now on Kindle as a book and here is the link. It would make a great Christmas present

Steve Rowe has an amazing story. He plays heavy metal Christian music very loud. He has survived a cancer crisis. Read how he did it.

Tomorrow on Songs of Hope

founding_australia2-250x183-75pcSongs of Hope tomorrow will feature will feature carols and in particular, three Australian carols. Another feature at 8:45am will be the story of the celebration of the first Christmas in Australia in the first year of settlement, 1788. Australia is one of the few countries in the world to know exactly how its first Christmas was celebrated.

Songs of Hope will be 7 to 9 am on Southern FM 88.3.

Please note there will be a special Songs of Hope 7 to 9am on Christmas Day, 25th December 

The birth of Jesus

Christmas nativity on freeimages 250x188 75pcOur Words for Life talk on 14 December 2014 at 7:30am was by Kevin Pedersen. The title is “The birth of Jesus” and refers to the shepherds and angels in Luke 2. Program is Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3.

Click the play button for the audio. Play time is 18 minutes. Right click download to download

ImageSongs of Hope on tunein radio

Image[4]Songs of Hope hymns on tunein radio

How to play hours of free carols

Play hours of free carols from Songs of Hope radio podcasts by doing the following

1. go to our Songs of Hope podcast website

how to play hours of carols 450x287 80pc

2. At the right hand column there is a widget headed “Play some carols”. This is an audio player. Click on an item in the playlist. Our carols podcasts will start playing carols and automatically move to the next item. Thats all!