Songs of Hope for Broadcast

radio_mikeThese are programs for broadcast by radio stations. This page requires password access. The program name is “Songs of Hope”. It is produced by Rodney Carr who is located in Melbourne, Australia.

To broadcast progrm, download it first (streaming may not be reliable). Right click to download and select “save as”. When you decide to broadcast one of the programs, please submit the contact form below with program details and date and time to air.

Listen Download Details Program ID
download Recorded 2012 03 03, incl Christians in Rome 120303H
download Recorded 2012 02 24 incl Michael Faraday 120224H
download Recorded 2012 02 17 incl Fanny Crosby story 120217H
download Recorded 2012 02 10 incl Jackie Pullinger story 120210H

If you broadcast one of these, or plan to broadcast one, please fill out form and click “Submit”. “Required” fields must have an entry for “Submit” to work.