Top Prayer for 2012

Here it is, the top Songs of Hope prayer for 2012. It was selected by listeners. The prayer psalm with the most downloads was adjudged the winner. The winner is “God answers prayer”, Psalm 65, read by Hugh Elphinstone.  Listen again and enjoy:

The runners up were

Songs of Hope website:

Hallelujah – Babe of Bethlehem – Old year fled away

Listen again to the hymns segment from Songs of Hope 30 Dec 2013. Broadcast on Southern FM on Songs of Hope at 8am. The hymns are:

  • Hallelujah (Mozart, Exultate Jubilate) – Sara Macliver
  • The babe of Bethlehem – Taverner Singers
  • The old year away is fled – Taverner Singers

Download: SOH-2012-12-30-Hallelujah-TheBabe-TheOldYear.mp3

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