From pit to prison to prince (I Mitchell)

Ps Ian Mitchell

Here is another message broadcast on Songs of Hope on 5Feb17 in Melbourne, Australia. The speaker is Ian Mitchell, pastor of Eastleigh Community Church in Melbourne. His talk title is “From pit to prison to prince” and talks about Joseph in the Bible. Talk time is 24 minutes.

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Inventor of braille – Louis Braille

Listen again to the story of Louis Braille. He was the devout Christian who invented the braille reading system for the blind but was not honoured until after his death. Broadcast on Southern FM on 5Feb17

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The story of Louis Braille

Songs of Hope this Sunday 5Feb17 will feature the story of devout Christian Louis Braille. He was the man who invented a reading technique for the blind.

Also our talk at 7:30am will be by local pastor Ian Mitchell. His talk title will be “From the pit to a prison to a prince”.

And we will have great Christian praise and worship music

Thanks be-Lord and Father-What a friend

Our hymns podcast for 29Jan17 includes:

  • Seven Towers Male Voice Choir – Thanks Be to God
  • The Priory Singers,Belfast – Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
  • An afternoon of our favourite hymns – What a Friend we have in Jesus

We can call God our father (K Pedersen)

Listen again to Words for Life, broadcast on 22Jan17 on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3. The speaker is Reverend Kevin Pedersen of Ormond Anglican Church. His talk title is “We can call God our father”. Talk time is 15 minutes.

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