Hallelujah – Babe of Bethlehem – Old year fled away

Listen again to the hymns segment from Songs of Hope 30 Dec 2013. Broadcast on Southern FM on Songs of Hope at 8am. The hymns are:

  • Hallelujah (Mozart, Exultate Jubilate) – Sara Macliver
  • The babe of Bethlehem – Taverner Singers
  • The old year away is fled – Taverner Singers

Download: SOH-2012-12-30-Hallelujah-TheBabe-TheOldYear.mp3

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Christmas carols podcast for this Christmas

12395.pngListen again to Songs of Hope carols broadcast today Sunday 2012 12 23 on Southern FM  88.3. Our radio host is Chris.

  • Methinks I see a heavenly host – Taverners
  • A virgin is spotted – Taverners
  • Up good Christian men – Taverners
  • The shepherd pipe carol – John Rutter

Download 2012-12-23-four-carols.mp3

Songs of Hope website: https://songsofhope883.wordpress.com/

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Hark the – Away in – First noel

Carols podcast on 2012/12/20 is here. The carols include:

  • Hark the herald angels sing
  • Away in a manager
  • The first Noel

These carols are from the album “Our Favourite Carols” from the Bible Society and Light FM, recorded in the Melbourne Town Hall in November 2008. Originally broadcast 2011/12/25.