Doug Nicholls Story

Hear again the story of Pastor Doug Nicholls. He was an aboriginal activist, boxer, represented Victoria in Australian Rules Football, and pastor of a Church of Christ in Melbourne. Broadcast in segment “Christians who have made a difference” on “Songs of Hope”.

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Bill Ferguson fought for aboriginal rights

Listen again to the story of Bill Ferguson. He was an Australian aborigine who was a practising Christian and who fought for civil rights for his aboriginal people. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Southern FM 88.3 at 8:30 on Sunday 16 June 2013. Narrated by Rodney Carr. Duration 5 minutes.Songs of Hope website:

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Bruce Downes – the Catholic Guy

bruce downesBruce Downes, aka “The Catholic Guy”, has just completed a series of inspiring talks in Cheltenham parish. Last Tuesday “Songs of Hope” presenter Rodney Carr caught up with Bruce at Southern FM studios and recorded an interview. The interview went to air on 2012 10 28 on “Songs of Hope” and is podcast below (7 mins).

Bruce has been doing “The Catholic Guy” program on the Christian TV channel on Foxtel in Australia for five years.

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